Over 50 years of banking, finance and contractor experience

Why Use Deductible Funding?

Increase close rates

Stay in compliance with insurance regulations

Make more profit

Receive payments from homeowners/insured’s in real time

Our Advantage

Deductible Funding is uniquely positioned to help Pro Contractors and Homeowners complete their deductible needs right on the spot. We provide documentation for all parties to meet insurance compliance regulatory needs seamlessly.

With extensive expertise in finance and billing, DF provides the most comprehensive platform yielding the highest probability of revenue recovery. In addition, rather than quarterly or monthly account reconciliation, DF has created a payment channel that ensures virtually real time payment forwarding of processed payments.

The principals of DF have worked for decades on the front lines with contractors, finance companies and homeowners.

The Deductible Funding App

Simple, free enrollment for both Contractors & Homeowners right from your smartphone

No credit check or qualifying for either Pros or Homeowners

No interest or finance fees to your customer

No financing is involved

Flexible payment options