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Is your business absorbing deductibles aka slippage aka lost profit?  Wouldn’t you rather collect the deductible that is owed to you rather than waiving it?   This is a good article. Click Here For More Information  

Am I good enough quote

Good Enough?

Often being “good enough” and doing “good enough” work, is, well, ok. You cannot be great in all facets of your business, but ensure you are the best you can be in the facets that make your business move forward. Is waiving your deductible ‘good enough’? Wouldn’t you prefer collecting the insurance deductible and remain…

Get focused so you can stop making the same mistakes.

You are not perfect

None of us is perfect, so understand you are not the first imperfect, nor will you be the last. We all make mistakes, do dumb things and screw up, some events worse than others. Work to become smarter, more observant and more disciplined. But don’t let your events of the past prevent you from being…