How do I get paid?

As your client makes payments you will immediately be forwarded those payments, less the service fee, to your newly established account.

How can the customer make payments?

After you sign your customer to the Deductible Funding program, they will be able to make automatic recurring payments from credit, debit card or bank account.

Can the customer prepay?

Yes. They can pay any or all of the amount at any time with no prepayment penalty.

How do I invite homeowners?

You can forward a unique link via email or a QR code directly from your phone to theirs.

How soon do I get paid?

Payments, less the service fee of 5.99%, are immediately forwarded to you as the customer makes their payments.

What happens if the homeowner stops making their payments?

Because of Deductible Funding’s unique background in finance and banking, we will have a much higher rate of success in the collection of payments.

Will the insurance company accept the homeowner agreement as satisfactory payment of insurance deductible?


Are there any fees/finance charges other than the monthly subscription?

Deductible Funding only charges for payments made to you.

Who sets the customer monthly payment amounts and terms?

All customers will be accepted. You can work with your client to select a payment plan that works for them.

Are there volume/multi customer discounts available?

Yes, there are volume discounts available. Ask your Representative for details.

Is there an extra charge if the customer stops paying mid term?

There is never any charges or penalties for payments that have not been made.

Still Have Questions?

Contact our team today and we will reach out to answer any additional questions.