We have an alternative to financing! Put it on a billing account.

Most of the contractors that we talk to say that their customers are reluctant to fill out a credit application.  They also said that they do not want to risk losing that sale, or breaking the law and rebating the deductible.

That’s exactly why we have created this new service. It’s fast, easy, and very inexpensive. It is the solution to the dilemma of how to handle an awkward Deductible payment situation.

“Transformational, game changer, revolutionary”

Q: Does this mean I get paid as the customer makes payments? Why would I want to do that?

A: This service may not be the right fit for every situation, but it is a fast, inexpensive way to earn clients’ business on the spot, especially when our old alternative as disaster contractors was to just throw it in and give that part of our profit as a discount to the customer. That used to just be frowned upon but now it’s illegal.